The Best Solar Panel Guarantee in the industry

Cali Energy offers unbeatable warranty compared to our competitors. Our Solar System Warranty and Energy Production Guarantee in the best in the business as a major aspect of the framework cost – including all materials and work. We generally utilize the most elevated quality items (e.g. fresh out of the box new, Top Grade solar panels) and establishment materials (down to the washers and cements) with fastidious building, demonstrated establishment practices, and task arranging that are second to none – supported up by our Warranties and Guarantees.

25 Year Guarantee

25 year guarantee on panels

Supported by Cali Energy and the manufacture.

25 Year Guarantee on Labor

Cali Energy stands behind their labor.

More Benefits

Cali Energy also offers the best warranty and guarantee in the solar panel industry, Cali Energy offers also quality valued benefits and installation promotions to our customers that separate us from our competition in the solar industry. Making the decision to install solar on your home alot easier to make when you go with Cali Energy.

  • Solar system removal and re-installation *
  • Solar panel cleaning *
  • Low-profile roof vents *
  • Attic/Wall Run, Flush Mount, Roof Mounting Hardware solutions
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