Cali Energy | Dedication | Hard Work | Strong Work Ethic | Quality work

Honesty, trust and quality. That’s what we promise to give you. Artur and Levon the owners of Cali Energy, can assure you That our promise comes with years of knowledge and know-how. We’ve built a solid foundation of relationships with manufacturers and environmental experts and are capable and ready to steer you in the right direction. We can offer you the best technology at the best price with the most financing options in the industry. We are more than just a solar Cali Energy company, we are a total home performance company devoted to sustainability and energy efficiency. We believe the future is clean, renewable energy and with your help we are committed to creating it together.
Cali Energy, is a family owned and operated local general contractor located in the San Fernando Valley. Artur, Levon and his family keep the same morals they do in their family, in their business. Cali Energy stands behind their work, only quality, nothing short of it. We are family owned and operated and nothing will change that, our family is the most important part of our business, we are local and here to stay. We are licensed General B Contractors by the State of California, no Job is too big nor too small. We value each and everyone of our clients, if the job isn’t good enough for our family it’s not good enough for our client. We don’t cut corners, or burn bridges like many unlicensed contractors, our work is guaranteed.

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