Benefits of Solar Technology

Solar Energy is pollution free and does not cause any greenhouse gas to be emitted after installation.Solar Energy reduces the dependency we have on fossil fuels and foreign oil. Save money on a monthly basis because you are less if reliable on the grid with an average savings of a couple hundred dollars a month on the typical residential power customer.
Solar energy is renewable energy and it is available every day of the year even on cloudy days, some solar power is produced. You will get a return on your investment, after the initial cost of the equipment, which you will be saving out of your next utility bills you will eventually be saving money on a monthly basis. Virtually no maintenance is required to maintain solar energy and the solar panels lat on average over 30 years.
Extra power your solar panels produce can be sold back to the electrical company in most areas if the power company’s grid is inter-tied.
You have the ability to live completely off the grid if you are generating enough power for your home or building. Solar panels can be installed almost anywhere, a field, on-top of a house, on top of a dock floating in a lake their are endless possibilities.
You can utilize solar battery storage systems to maintain extra power for use at night in your residence or commercial space. Solar Panels produce energy that can be used to make your water hot, power the electrical devices in your house run your offices electrical or even power your car. Solar electrical current is much safer then traditional electrical current from the power company. Solar technology is constantly improving, the efficiency is always improving so the same size solar panel that is available today will be come more efficient in the future. Aesthetics are also improving meaning that the solar industry is becoming more practical, there’s solar shingles and even flexible solar panels. Many areas also have federal grants and tax incentives.

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